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Did you know the Premier League’s elite goalscorers like Aguero, Kane and Aubameyang score almost all their goals from one key area?

And did you know that being a good finisher might be less important than your positioning and decision-making?

And did you know only about 1 in every 8 goals comes from heading the ball?

The Position-Specific Program for Forwards, uses shot maps, easy to read charts, training footage and game footage of top Premier League strikers like Harry Kane, Sergio Aguero, Jamie Vardy, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, and many more.

Throughout the Program, you’ll see where and when these top players score their goals, what type of finish they use and how the goals are created. Using this knowledge, forwards can understand how to be more dangerous and score more goals.

Designed by a professional player analyst and coach, the Program uses the same process as when we work with top professional players. With a mix of coach and player interviews, training film, match video and charts driven by data analysis, the complex world of elite level forward play is made more simple.

PlayerTech has a record of improving goal and assist totals for almost every forward we’ve worked with. Our Position-Specific Program helps players understand how many times, and where on the pitch they need to be performing certain key actions by showing what the worlds best players do different to the rest.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the programs designed for?

Any player who wants to improve. The data, video and coaching provided is based on 11 v 11 football. Although there are no age restrictions, PlayerTech methods work best with players aged 15 or older. This could be…

  • Professional players looking to earn a better contract, bonus money, or move to a bigger club
  • Youth players hoping to earn a professional contract, college scholarship or join a professional academy
  • North American college players aiming to enter the professional draft
  • Amateur or semi-professional players who want to improve their game

The programs are designed based on our contributors experiences in mens football. The collection of data on the womens game is still fairly new, so we plan to launch female-specific Programs as soon as possible. So far, evidence suggests there is very little difference between the two and the ideas presented here are also suitable for female players.

How long does the program take to complete?

The Programs are designed for players to keep coming back and learning from. There’s a lot of content that will be updated constantly as more games are played and new excellent players enter the Premier League.

Going through the program one time in full at a reasonable pace should take about 7-8 hours if you complete the self-analysis and goal setting tasks toward the end.

It’s not recommended you do this. There’s a lot of content over the different sections and by the time you finish the last one, you will almost certainly forget some important content from earlier. There’s only so much the human brain can consume in one go.

What are the different sections of the Program?

Section 1 – Introduction – A welcome message and some simple instructions on navigating through the program from PlayerTech founder Oliver Gage.

Section  2 – Understanding Goals – Detailed insights into where Premier League goals come from. We review shooting patterns in modern professional football and explain why most forwards over-value a certain type of goal.

Section 3 – Sergio Aguero – A close look at the Premier League’s top goal scorer. We see where he scores from, how he finishes his chances and what makes him more dangerous than anyone else.

Section 4 – The Best of the Rest – We look closer at Jamie Vardy, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Harry Kane, Tammy Abraham and other top forwards. What do they do differently to average players? Where do they score their goals and what shot choices do they make?

Section 5 – Finishing – The key to scoring goals. What type of finishes score more goals than others?

Section 6 – Shot Choices – Why do we make the choices we do? How can we be more dangerous in front of goal and take up positions to score more? Should we be shooting from here?

Section 7 – Wilfred Zaha & Andros Townsend – A close look at two similar players on the same team. One makes better decisions than the other and has significantly more success. What can we learn from this?

Section 8 – Creating Chances – An introduction to the chance creation section of the program. We show how PlayerTech knows what types of shots and passes are more dangerous and offer insights into how professional clubs use this information to find promising players to sign.

Section 9, 10 & 11 – Through Balls, Crossing & Heading & Cut Backs – We look at three commons ways of creating chances. How should we be setting up our teammates? We consider what the data says about these types of passes and learn when and where we should be attempting them.

Section 12 – Training – It’s time to look at some Premier League players in training. See how the exercises they do are designed to match what’s going to happen in games. From this we can learn how to practice better when we train in our own time.

Section 13 – Analysis & Goal Setting – In this section we look at how we can set goals based on what we’ve seen from top players and teams. If we know where the best players score and assist from and how often they take shots, we can start to track our own progress and start to play more like them.

Section 14 – Erling Haland – A close look at one of the world’s top young strikers. Will Erling Haland continue to score at the same rate? Or will his goal output start to drop off? From what we’ve seen throughout the program we will now understand why Haland shows so much promise.

Section 15 – Conlusion – Some final messages and a reminder you can re-visit all the previous sections anytime!

What's the sign up process like and what do I get with a subscription?

When you subscribe you immediately gain access to your Program.

During the signup process, you’ll create a PlayerTech account including a username and password. When you login to your account you can access all of the Program sections from your dashboard.

You’ll also be sent an email confirmation with a link to your dashboard so you can also access it from your email inbox.

Program subscribers get

  • Unlimited online access to every Program section until their subscription expires
  • The ability to log in from any computer, tablet or phone with an internet connection
  • The comfort to progress through the Program at their own pace and refer back to different sections any time


How long do subscriptions last?

A standard subscription lasts for 6 months, giving you plenty of time to experience all of the sections at your own pace.

Can I share my subscription with someone else?

Unfortunately not. The more traffic, on the website, the more it costs to host all of our unique content. Anybody caught sharing a login with somebody else will have their subscription cancelled and no refund will be issued.