Position Specific Program – Wingers



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Perfect program for improving

Really helpful program for a winger. Small details that can make a big difference.

Great Insight and Detail

I found this winger program extremely helpful and insightful. As a forward player who can play in any front position, this was an amazing tool for realising a lot of positional aspects of my game as well as understanding how to increase the goal numbers. I really took a lot from the Gold Zone section because it made me realise how I can help my team going forward. The examples and videos definitely helped get a better picture of what was being explained. Was worth the purchase and hope I can now put what was taught into training.

Really good insight.

Really enjoyed the program. Well organized presentation of material. Just enough text to explain the examples. Excellent use of data and videos to highlight focus areas. Eye-opening to see some of the statistics around where and how the top goal scorers get the majority of their goals. Also the statistics on goals coming off certain types of passes. Some of the drill examples like the David Villa close finishing drill was excellent. Would also be great to see a prog for defenders.

Very Detail oriented and Thorough

As a young academy player this information provides many lessons and think for me to take away and include into my game. You guys did a great job in helping me understand the importance of worrying about the shot less and the movement and positioning more. I would hope that you make another program dedicated to wing-backs/defenders. Other than that you did an excellent job.