Position-Specific Programs

Play like the pro you want to be


What are Position-Specific Programs?

What I could be doing differently? This is one of the most important questions we should ask ourselves when thinking about getting better.

PlayerTech’s programs are designed to show players exactly what separates the very best players in the world from the average ones. By signing up and completing a program, players will see exactly what types of runs, passes and shots the top players make more than others.

Using the same detailed performance data as professional clubs, our Positional Programs identify key aspects of play from world class players like Sergio Aguero, Mo Salah, Kevin De Bruyne, Jamie Vardy, Paul Pogba and other Premier League stars.

How can this help me?

Would you rather take the same shots as league average players? Or top international strikers Aguero, Vardy & Kane?


If you knew the passes Pogba, De Bruyne or Bruno Fernandes use to create chances, would you play them more often?


Seeing and understanding these passes and shots means we can be more prepared to take them when we play. Position-Specific Program users are shown key information on the English Premier League and the world class players who make it the world’s best league.

Powered by the same performance data used by professional clubs, coaches and scouts, every insight comes with video examples and easy to understand charts, so every player can work through the Programs and improve.

Each program includes footage of elite Premier League footballers practicing these passes, shots and other key aspects of their game in training.

Who built the Programs?

The Programs are built by professional scouts, coaches and player analysts, with years of experience buying, coaching and improving players.

PlayerTech was created by Oliver Gage who’s worked for Sheffield Wednesday F.C. and Houston Dynamo in Major League Soccer. Oliver has worked with top professional players like Ross Barkley (Chelsea & England), Michail Antonio (West Ham), Chris Kirkland (Liverpool & England), Philippe Senderos (Arsenal & Switzerland) DaMarcus Beasley (Rangers & USA) and many more.

Many other professional scouts, analysts and coaches have contributed to the Programs, using their knowledge and experience of working in professional football

Who are the Programs for?

The Positional Programs have been designed for any player who wants to improve. The data, video and coaching provided is centered around 11 v 11 football. Although there are no age restrictions, PlayerTech methods work best with players aged 15 or older. This could be…

  • Professional players looking to earn a better contract, bonus money, or move to a bigger club
  • Youth players hoping to earn a professional contract, college scholarship or join a professional academy
  • North American college players aiming to enter the professional draft
  • Amateur or semi-professional players who want to improve their game

How do they work?

The Positional Programs are a series of online sections. Each section looks at a different aspect of football which is essential to your position. For example – the Forwards Program has sections on creating chances, goals and decisions-making about where and when to shoot. 

Each Program features elite players in that positions. For example – the Wingers Program looks in depth at Raheem Sterling, Mo Salah, Jadon Sancho & Sadio Mane.

Each Program also contain sections on training and analysis. These sections will help players understand how they can train like top players and create exercises more relevant to their position. They also show how you can track progress to make sure you are improving.

When players purchase a program, they have unlimited access until membership expires.

  • How will I score more goals?
  • What type of finish should I choose?
  • Where should I be shooting from?
  • How can I create better chances for others?
  • How should I create chances?
  • Where will I score goals?
  • Should I cross from here?
  • Shoot or pass?
  • Attack the box or sit on the edge?
  • What type of pass should I attempt?
  • Keep possession or killer ball?
  • Where should I be finding space?

I don’t see a program for my position?

We’re in the process of building Programs for more positions. There’s lots of great information to take away from the Programs no matter where you play on the pitch. If you sign up for a Program and we release a new position, we’ll happily switch this for you!