Personal Programs

Professional focus on improving your game

What are personal programs?


Do you want to work with a professional player analyst or coach?

PlayerTech offers individual player consultancy bringing professional player analysts and coaches to you. Once you have taken a Position-Specific Program you may want to take it a step further and receive a personally tailored service.

How do they work?


Programs begin with a video call to find out more about you as a player. Once we have a better understanding of your ability and aspirations we can begin to build a personalized plan to work on key areas of your game.

We will help to educate you on key tactical areas of focus and help you to set measurable goals to  shape your game based on the world’s best. Nobody can guarantee you’ll become one of the world’s top players or even a professional, but we can guarantee that you will receive a professional level of service and attention to detail on the tactical side of your game, giving you a much better chance to become a great player!


I’m interested in this, what next?


Please contact us using the form provided in the ‘contact us’ page and we’ll schedule a call.