The Gold Zone

If you check out a lot of the popular football accounts on Instagram or Twitter, you’ll see loads of clips of great  goals. Long range free kicks, top corner volleys or overhead kick’s are fun! Unfortunately, there’s a negative effect of this.

Too many good young players begin to think this is what they should be practicing and what will get them noticed. Think about this. Would you rather your team signed a player who scored 3 wonder goals last season, or the player who scored 10 ‘boring’ ones?

Did you know that 3 in every 4 goals scored by a Premier League striker comes from inside the box and is a 1-touch finish?

This is a key piece of information you’ll learn in our Position-Specific Programs for strikers, wingers and midfielders, who all need to score goals!

This is what we call the GOLD ZONE

Most great players have the ability to score amazing goals sometimes. But this isn’t what separates them from the rest.

Below is a map of every goal Lionel Messi has scored from open play (no pens or free kicks) in the last 3 seasons. What makes him so good is the ability to consistently score from closer range than most. Not the wonder goals you see on social media!

If you watched the hundreds of goals he’s scored in his career, many of them might seem quite average. What makes him so special is that he can score more average goals than anybody else!

In fact, Messi scores about the same amount of goals from outside the box as anybody else in the world.

Knowing key information like this is an important part of improving and becoming a better goal scorer. You can learn what makes the best players in the world better than the rest in our Position-Specific Programs designed by professional coaches and analysts.

You never know, the key to becoming the ‘Messi’ version of yourself might only mean making a few different decisions at crucial times!

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