A free guide to making a great highlight video!

With input from the scouts & analysts at professional clubs who create and watch them every day!

Key information on how to film your footage for the best outcome

Cameras – do you really need to buy a new one?

Sturcturing your video – what comes first and why?

Length – How long does it need to be?

Mistakes – Should I include clips giving the ball away or missing a shot?

And much more on – background music, highlighting yourself, and the small details you’ve probably never thought of!

Some people are afraid of giving the ball away or missing shots in their highlight video. The better coaches and scouts will see that you made a great run or the pass showed good vision. It’s fine not to connect with the perfect pass if it shows the right though process.

Of course you don’t want to include a poor pass leading to an opposition chance, but a great through ball just a few inches from perfection? Throw it in there!