Are You An Instagram Trainer?

Every day we see clips of young players training on their own and scoring goals. It’s great to see a player to working hard to improve.

But, sometimes it’s not clear what these players are trying to achieve with their training, and it seems like they might be doing it for the Instagram likes rather than genuine improvement.

The likes definitely feel better immediately, but it’s goals in games that get you a scholarship or professional contract.

If you’ve taken one of our Position-Specific Programs, you’ll understand the importance of training smarter. Luckily, the programs provide you with all the tools and knowledge you’ll need to design better training exercises and drills for yourself and you’ll even see some world class players like Vardy, Foden, Rashford and many more performing training drills.

Jamie Vardy practicing finishing taken from our Strikers Program.

By knowing where goals come from, or what passes and shots the best players in the Premier League make more than others, players can begin to approach the game differently. They can train smarter, so the effort they put into their game will get them the Instagram likes AND the results on the pitch!

You’ll also learn how to set performance targets for yourself, track them, and use them to change the way you play and improve. You can read more about goal-setting here.

A lot of Premier League players are lucky to have great coaching in their academy, but what got them there in the first place? There are some really good apps for technical development to work on your first touch and dribbling. There’s also some great ones to help you train physically. But how many programs out there help you tactically? How many help you understand where to position yourself to score goals? What passes make De Bruyne the best? What movements make Jamie Vardy such a good goalscorer?

This is why we designed our Position-Specific Programs with the help of professional analysts and development coaches.

Taken from our Midfielders Program, here’s Phil Foden training for England before making almost the exact same pass for England and Man City.

If you’re serious about becoming a star, earning a college scholarship or maybe getting a pro contract, maybe it’s time to be as serious about your training as the professional clubs you want to sign for! Forget the likes on Instagram and earn some real-life ‘likes’ from coaches and scouts.

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