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Designed professional Scouts, Analysts and Coaches, PlayerTech uses the same player data as clubs the Premier League, Bundesliga, La Liga, Major League Soccer, Serie A and other top leagues around the world to help players better understand modern football.

There’s many other programs available to help improve technique, by providing training drills and exercises, but PlayerTech focuses on where and when players should look to shoot, cross, pass, dribble and perform other fundamental parts of their game.

We help players realize their potential and control their own destiny by providing them the information they need to model their game after the world’s best. All of our contributors work in professional football and have experience identifying, scouting and coaching players using these resources.


Our programs are designed to bring professional level resources and information to any player at any level.



Everybody knows Lionel Messi is one of the worlds best creators. But do you know what types of passes create more goals than others?

We do, and we can help you create more chances

Did you know Premier League teams are taking less shots from long range than ever before?

We do, and working on your shot choices can help you score more goals

Did you know crossing the ball from wide areas is one of the least effective ways of setting up goals?

We do, and we can help you get more assists


  • An online platform – log in and get better from anywhere
  • See what elite-level players in your position do better than anyone else 
  • Use the same player data as professional clubs around the world
  • Video examples to support learning and understanding throughout
  • See Premier League training footage to show how top players get better
  • Discover principles of play that are now widely accepted as essential for world-class players
  • Learn how to self-analyze, set targets and measure your performances over time
  • A service for players who have accessed a Positional Program and want more
  • Personalized solution connecting you with a professional analyst or coach
  • Have your game analyzed by a professional, discuss goals and aspirations to set targets for success
  • Tailored solutions for each player. Stay with your professional guide for as little or as long as you want